My roots have been lodged in the Earth for millions of years. I have experienced a multitude of vibrations, from those of small molecules to the shocks of meteorites. I draw my living energy from the microscopic universe in the ground, as well as from the photons of our Sun. In order to know me, you just have to put me inside yourself. You will see that I have a message for you. It is not by chance that I produce in my physical body a molecule that your body can capture and metabolize. You and I have a very old connection.

If you really want my message to reach you, trust me and relax. Open your arms and your heart and let yourself go. I will take you to the infinite corners of your own consciousness. But to do this, I must first take you away from your physical body, your ideas, your memory, your identity, your history, your past, and your future.

To put it another way: You have to let me destroy you completely!

Let’s pause to see how you interpret my last sentence. What do you understand by the words “destroy you completely”? And how do you feel? Are you afraid of me? And if so, what exactly are you afraid of?

Let me try to explain. You and I are both programmed to seek survival and escape death. We are also both programmed to develop ourselves rather than destroy ourselves. But the destruction I am talking about is not negative destruction. I’m talking to you in metaphor. The destruction I speak of is the prerequisite for a great rebirth; a rebirth accompanied by cosmic freedom. The destruction I speak of is the destruction of mental barriers, it is the absolute liberation of your deepest and most fundamental being.

This is how it goes on, more or less. But you must know that if you smoke me, the ceremony will not take place in the same way as if you ingest me. But the fundamentals, as well as the mental preparation, remain the same. To explain all this, I must, first of all, tell you about the usual functioning of your brain or your mind, as you wish; for me, these two things are more or less the same.

You have in you, like me, a belief that you often consider an absolute truth. This belief is that of your existence as a free and autonomous entity. You have a long and complex history in your head, millions of memories, ideas, concepts, words, images, sensations, hopes, fears, etc. all stored and built on top of each other in what can be called your memory or your identity.

While you sleep at night, your neurons consolidate connections, memories, and knowledge, and destroy others, or make them blander, and more difficult to access. When you wake up in the morning, your brain runs a kind of software in the background of your consciousness. You think about getting out of bed, maybe about coffee, about what you are going to do in the next few minutes and hours. But this is only possible because you think you know who you are. From the very first seconds of waking up, you know what your name is, where you are (your position in space), how old you are (your position in time), what your history is, what your job is, what your relationships are, etc. All these things that you know, or think you know, occupy a considerable part of your brain activity and put your mind in a certain disposition. We can say that your brain is organized, or interconnected, in a certain way. This is what I call the default mode of consciousness. This mode of functioning is the one that allows all animals, including us, to feel and perceive the world in a certain way, and this is the most useful way for our survival and the reproduction of life. From bacteria to apes, and from insects to bats, each one “builds” its universe by the interaction of its molecules with the molecules of the world.

When I talked to you about “letting me destroy you”, I was referring to the destruction of this default mode of your consciousness. My purpose is to change the functioning of your consciousness by erasing (temporarily) all that you know and in particular all that you know about yourself. This leads to what is called the ego death and the attainment of an altered state of consciousness.

If you allow me to do so, I will free your mind of everything you thought you knew, in order to make way for a new universe to emerge in you. You will no longer know what your name is or who you are. You will no longer know the difference between past, present, or future. You will lose all your memory and you will completely abandon the relationship you thought you had with your body. It will be me, the spirit of the plant, who will take care of directing your body and your mind. You will see things that you have never seen, and you will feel things that you have never felt. Your body will move in a way it has never moved before, and your mind will be at the same time here, but also in distant galaxies.

There will be a time when you will wonder if you are going crazy. There may be some resistance in you to let go and accept to exist without knowing who you are or what you are doing. A part of you may refuse to completely lose control. A very subtle fear might be felt, and you might want to cling to your being or to what is left of your ego, to your usual world where you think you know who you are and what you do. But I say to you: Forget this world and trust me! Let me guide you to new and unknown worlds, and I promise you that I will bring you back little by little to your usual life. But be aware that your usual life will never be the same again. If I go inside you once, you will never forget me.

The journey I am offering you is a cosmic journey and a return to the origin of life. I may put you in front of a mirror that you have never seen before. You may see fears and traumas that you are trying to escape, wounds that you refuse to heal, or dreams that you dare not pursue. I may make you cry, laugh, scream, suffer… But in the end, I only want you to feel good. I can make you reach states of prolonged trance, during which you will have the impression of becoming omniscient. You could feel what all living beings feel, hear all the sounds of the cosmos as they blend into the original and absolute sound of Om.

I am just a simple plant. And you are just a simple human being. I am as vulnerable as you are, and you are as vulnerable as I am. When you take me skillfully, you make me realize the potential of my existence. And when I take you, I make you realize the potential of your existence.

We have coexisted for a very long time. We are old souls and old friends. I always pray for you before I take you to the sacred corners of consciousness. I also ask you to pray for me that I remain a sacred, powerful, and revealing plant of the most mystical and deep secrets.