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Doktor K.

About me

Nadim Rafael Mekki
Thinker, Writer, Strategist, crazy Nomad!

Hello and welcome to my page!

You can find here information about all the things I happily do.

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My name is Nadim. Some people call me Rafael, or Doktor K., or other names. I don’t really have one name!

I was born in 1980 in Tunisia. At the age of 22, I moved to Quebec, Canada, where I lived for about 10 years. I have dual citizenship, but I don’t live in those countries. In 2012, I became a nomad, moving from one country to another. I spent the last years between different continents.

I’ve never really had one profession or one specialization. I’m a generalist who likes to learn about very different topics and put them together in writings and talks.

I dedicate my time to doing the things I love. I travel, read, learn, talk with people, and publish writings and talks. I am also involved in projects here and there, always open to new adventures.

Academic record

I’ve spent many years between schools and universities, always motivated by curiosity. I mainly studied Business and Philosophy. I also speak 6 languages and studied Tibetan Buddhism among other things.

A detailed record of my studies is listed on my LinkedIn page.

What do I do?

Well, I don’t really do one thing in particular. On top of being homeless, I’m also jobless! I’m a laid-back, funny scanner personality, so by “doing nothing”, I produce in reality many things.

I write blogs, articles, and books, and I also publish talks and podcasts in different languages and on diverse topics like philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality… You can easily get an idea about everything I create by browsing the menu of this website.

I also offer different kinds of services, I listen to and talk with all kinds of people, help them to understand, build strategies, solve problems… I organize special travels, I get involved in projects…

What else?

I’m widely considered as a marginal, troublemaker, crazy, or wise… it depends… Oh, and I also have multiple personalities 😀

The cactus represents me as a plant. It has spines outside, and juice inside. The snake represents me as an animal. It’s paranoid, dangerous, and unpredictable 😀

Never hesitate to contact me, even just for fun 😀

Doktor K.