Nadim M.

Doktor K.


Throughout my life, I’ve kept learning with passion and curiosity about a wide area of fields, with the goal of connecting things together and sharing accessible knowledge.

I’m a polymath by nature, wearing many hats, and I never wanted to restrict myself to one specific area of knowledge or activity. So I’m basically here to share everything I’m passionate about, and which may interest you.

To know more about me and my academic background,
please visit the About me page.

I don’t give classes in a conventional way, and I don’t provide information you can find on Wikipedia for example. My teachings are meant to be accessible to everyone, and useful for practical life. They usually take the form of a conversation. Underneath is a list of the topics I like to converse about.


  • Western philosophy (metaphysics, morals, politics, mind, psychology, science)
  • Buddhist philosophy (Tibetan tradition)
  • Spirituality and religions
  • Ancient wisdom and Crazy wisdom
  • The Islamic world
  • World cultures


Topics for practical life

  • Love, relationships and sexuality
  • The meaning of life
  • Emotions, self-development and psychology
  • Life as a chess game (the art of strategy and discipline)
  • Work, business, and money
  • Traveling



I teach:

  • French (all levels)
  • English (for beginners)
  • Spanish (for beginners)
  • Arabic (for beginners)

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