What are the people of Silicon Valley thinking after the US elections results came out? It is for sure an interesting question especially that we know that companies like Google and Facebook can not only manipulate the opinion but they also have clearly endorsed the Clinton camp. So how do they feel now?

Well, it is very hard to know, but there is a way we can have a good idea. On November 9th 2016, I went on some Facebook profiles and some Twitter of some people and there is absolutely nothing. It is the total silence. Elon Musk was talking about his cars. Bill Gates was talking about HIV, and Eric Schmidt (Google) and Zuckerberg just talked about going to vote.


There is another guy who did the “dirty” job. Did they send him to do it or did he do it by himself, this is another question. His name is Dex Torricke-Barton. His not really famous or very known. But you should maybe know him. Hi is extremely interesting and I will explain why.

Dex Torricke-Barton is now the Head of Communications at SpaceX, the company that wants to send people on Mars. The CEO of SpaceX is Elon Musk. But Dex Torricke-Barton was also:

  • The Executive Communications Manager at Facebook.
  • The Executive Speechwriter at Google.
  • A Media consultant at United Nations.

So we have to understand that this guy may be one of the highest level communication specialists in the world. We can also maybe think that he has a very good relation with Zuckerberg and the others. Well he is actually almost always commenting on Zuckerberg posts. And even if he is officially working for SpaceX, he is publically supporting Facebook and a certain idea of freedom and free Internet. He also writes articles for the Huffington Post.

So if we can guess the ideas and the mood of Dex Torricke-Barton it could maybe help us to know what the others are doing. Here are screen shots of the Facebook posts of Dex Torricke-Barton before the elections and after. Most of those posts will be deleted later on.

Two main opinion are expressed here: To go to vote is important because the candidates are radically different. And one choice is the right one. He also says that his father passed aways last year and he wants to honor him through this essay. The article chosen and the picture are fantastic in terms of communication.
Like usual, many Americans think that they are the guardians of the world. They do not know that they are a very new country and that they are selling weapons to everybody on a very very large scale. And this kind of communication works very well. This post has disappeared later on, after this article has been published in its first version.
Like usual, the propaganda and the fear. And “Help turn the tide for humanity”. The Guardian is amongt the 24 biggest newspapers in the world which censored the interview of Julian Assange and Pilger, in which Julian Assange is saying that Hillary Clinton is getting money from the same people who are financing ISIS. Global censorship. This post has been deleted later on.

The results of the election are coming out now. You will notice a big change in self control and in communication behavior. We will be able to read his emotions from his texts.

This is his interpretation of the results! This post has been deleted later on.
He thinks that those elections were really important for the earth. He seems devastated. This post has been deleted later on.
The fight for “freedom, justice and equality”. This is someone working for Silicon Valley talking. And he is the Head of Communications of a company sending big stuff to the space and making cars and a lot of sophisticated technology. Bill Gates at least has never said things like this. This post has been deleted later on.
“Seriously” he said. “A fucking good comms guy” he wrote. Do you realize what this guy is talking about? He is defending a political project! And he is the Head of Communications of the company who is going to take the control of the space. And he is a “good friend” of Zuckerberg. Since when you can save the world with good communication guys? This post disappeared later on.
The war is declared. The emotion is anger. This post disappeared later on.
“Openness and compassion”. I guess he is talking about what they call the “establishment”: The normal business. This post has been deleted later on.
Loss of control and anger. This post disappeared afterwards.
His boss called him and told him to stop? His boss called him and told him to come on a serious meeting? Maybe on a very serious meeting!

It could be that his boss called him. He stopped posting there. Afterwards, after this article has been published in its first version, all the posts after the elections have been deleted. They probably talked with him. We have to see if he will need some help with communication or maybe with political philosophy. He will need to ask himself what does the word “freedom” mean for example. What do the words “humanity” or “compassion” mean?, etc. That’s a very high philosophical task. Have the people in Silicon Valley studied philosophy? I am not sure.

Facebook has been censoring what I’m publishing for 2 days before the elections. Why? Because I am criticizing the biggest media of the world and unveiling their reality. “You are only free to think like me, otherwise we shut your mouth”. Is this the “freedom” Dex Torricke-Barton and his friends from Silicon Valley are talking about?

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