Update about Dex Torricke-Barton: He left his job at SpaceX and he is starting a new "political" project called Onwards. Information is publicly available about it on his public Facebook page. I just signed up for his project and this is the message I sent.

Hi Dex,

Well, I know you quite “well”, I mean from what you say and what you write. I am a philosopher, a writer and an international nomad. I do not recognize borders and I am still obliged to show passports like everybody: Tunisian passport (the last big revolution country) and the Canadian one of the same Queen like yours.

Well, this is the very first time I totally agree with something you posted on Facebook. I sincerely congratulate you for taking the decision to leave SpaceX. It is not because SpaceX is a bad company, not all. I think Elon makes amazing stuff for the future of humanity as well. But you cannot be making plans to go to Mars when we are on the edge of a big war everywhere, and where people are suffering from bombs and weapons that so many industries are selling everywhere.

I also agree with you on the fact that technology can help. But I already addressed a very very severe critique to the work of Silicon Valley, and you know very well that I am not the only one. It is time that you hear those critiques, otherwise you will not be successful in your mission. This is my opinion about everything: when we are able to take a critique, we can improve.

I already had a very nice exchange with one of your friends, Erika Mann, about an article I wrote about you and she received my hard critique with intelligence and respect. In case you didn’t see this yet, here it is:

I know it ‘s not that nice to have screenshots of Facebook posts that you deleted afterwards, but that’s truth no? I hope you will be able to say some true things about other stuff happening in Silicon Valley and you know what I am talking about: the fact that money and power is coming more and more before some basic human values. The fact that Google and Facebook are making billions of dollars only with advertisement is also a huge issue that we, people of the globe, are aware of and we will have to discuss it together.

I congratulate you again for your decision and I will keep following what is going to happen. If you need to talk to someone who does not agree with what you are doing there at all, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I repeat that I do not work for anybody. I do not work for money.

Nadim M.