This email has been sent on November 8th 2016 to trying to reach Mr. Corey Charlton, the journalist in The Sun who published an article about the interview given by Assange to Pilger.



I was trying to get in touch with Mr. COREY CHARLTON. He is the journalist of The Sun who published an article about the interview between Assange and Pilger. This is the link to his article.
I was not able to comment on his article. I tried twice.
Here is what I wrote:


I was trying to reach you or one of your colleagues from The Sun.
I am a philosopher and a writer from Tunisia and Canada, now in Berlin.

I wrote an article about your article. I made the analysis of 25 of the biggest media in US, UK, Canada, Germany and France. The only media that commented the interview of Assange is you in The Sun. All the others did not mention that such an interview existed.

I listed all of those media in my article and I put evidence of what I say.

Now the problem is that no media wants to write about what I wrote. Because it is an atomic bomb for them. It is worse than the Panama Papers.

The other problem is that Facebook got me, and my posts on Facebook are not displayed anymore to my friends. I can monitor that through their involvement with my posts and through the traffic on my website. So I am sure I cannot make it go viral on Facebook because they seem to be themselves prepared for the Clinton campaign, but that’s another topic.

Would you be interested to publish on this topic?

I am 100% independent. I do not work for anybody. And I do not do what I do for money.

Here is the article that I wrote:
Very easy and quick to read.

As I know you would maybe not read this, I will try to contact you through Twitter or LinkedIn.

I repeat, this is a nuclear press bomb if you are interested, and you can open an investigation on it, or at least tell the facts as they are. This can go very very far. This is about a very big threat to freedom and democracy.

Please don’t hesitate to enter in contact with me. I’m very easy to be contacted by email. I can tell you more about the details of what happened to me on the Facebook page of The Guardian and on Facebook in general. I am now censored by the biggest social media in the world. And there is no big newspaper that can write about it except The Sun as I can see for now.

Thank you for your attention.

Nadim M.