There is maybe one thing for which the actual American elections are so important. It is because they are one of the least important ones and one of the dirtiest in American history. If the Americans realize this situation, the only thing they could do on the day of the vote is to go on the streets and not to go to vote at all.

It seems that this is not going to happen at all. The media around the United States and the President of the country himself have been hammering into the public the idea that those elections are so important and that going to vote is almost a matter of life or death.

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For weeks and months, the American and other Western media have been working tirelessly to tell the voters who they should vote for, that one of the candidates is good and that the other is the biggest evil on earth. Like usual, many people in the United States and around the globe believed that this is a very relevant story and got even, like usual, afraid. If all the media are talking about it, so it is relevant and important. This is how many people decide if a matter is important or not. They do not have any other criteria to measure it. It is important because it seems that the others find it important.

In the meantime, there is not a single big newspaper in the United States, nor a single influential journalist who wrote about the total collapse and failure of democracy. There is no one asking the people to not to go to vote and to go on the streets if they really would like something new to happen and to change.

Billions of dollars are being spent, thousands of journalists are working day and night, a tremendous energy is being lost for one of the hollowest and the most insignificant elections ever. In a country with more than 300 million people, amongst so many geniuses and honest people, only those two have been “chosen” to represent the citizens. How was that possible? How the electoral process came out with those two people amongst 300 million other people? What is wrong with the American “democracy”, if we can still call it like that?

I challenge the greatest journalists of the United States to investigate, to write and to talk about this fundamental topic, to diagnose the death of democracy and to enlighten the public with new ideas that already exist and that are already discussed.