It is very well known: in order to take place, war needs propaganda. It has always been the case, because war cannot happen between two good groups of people; there has to be the good and the evil, and from the other point of view the evil and the good.

It is so easy, incredibly easy for the propaganda to manipulate the people and to make them think that they are good and the others are evil. Nowadays, the world propaganda reached a level that shows almost without any doubt that we are going into a very big war that could not just stay located in Syria and Iraq. It could easily spread all over the world because from each side of the Middle East, East and West, people think that there is an evil at the other side that we have to fight.

There are now two kinds of people: those who watch the news and those who do not watch the news.

Those who do not watch the news are not aware of what is happening and will be the first victims of the war in their own countries. They will pay for it with their own work and their own money, and they will maybe even see their children dying in this war.

Those who watch or read the news in their own countries are victims of the propaganda and they are even more dangerous than the previous group, because they think that they know something and they will represent the “democratic” voters for the war, either by voting, or not voting. For the Westerners, ISIS and Putin are evil, and for the Russians and co., Americans and the West are evil. Both think that they are right.

Those two groups represent 99,99% of the world population and it is thanks to them that the war will happen.

There is no other way to escape from the propaganda unless one wakes up in the morning, does not go to work, and start by analyzing the news from the American and Western side, then from the Russian side, the Syrian side, the Iranian side, the Chinese side, etc. It’s a work that almost nobody has the abilities neither the will to do.

For many weeks now, all Western media and especially the biggest and most prestigious ones, have been focusing on the electoral campaign in the United States, making the people think that those elections are so important. All in a sudden, they created one good candidate and one evil and many people worldwide started to think that this is really an important issue and started to talk and even to think about it. In the meantime, there is a world war going on and many big powers are involved in it: USA, Russia, Iran, France, Israel, Iraq, Saoudi Arabia, Turkey, China, etc. Every time there are important interviews or declarations made by the Iranian, Russian or Syrian heads of states, you almost don’t see a word about it in the the Western media. Even if you see something, there are no analyses, no comments, and everything is never transparently showed.

Every time there are muslim men slaughtered by what they call ISIS in Iraq or Syria, you don’t see any word about it in the Western Media, even if there are video footages and that the slaughters are very well documented by Western specialists of terrorist groups. We are living constantly in a propaganda now. There is no free press and no democracy anymore, there is only a propaganda, where the biggest newspapers of the world like The New York Times or Le Monde will tell you how important it is to know what a candidate to an election said or did, while the weapons manufacturers, the bankers, the drug dealers and four or five tech multinationals are controlling the brains of billions of people everywhere.

The only way to avoid the war now is to stop immediately to vote, to work, to pay taxes and to go immediately on the streets. But this is not going to happen, because the next world revolution is not mature yet. At the opposite, people will go to work, to consume, to pay taxes and maybe even to vote. Then like usual they will form part of the propaganda and they will send their children to war again.