Nadim M.

Doktor K.



I love drugs. Then, it all depends on what you and I understand by the word “drugs”. As they say: All tastes are in nature.

Personally, I love caffeine, especially in the early hours of the morning.

I love sugar and fat, especially when I’m high and hungry on marijuana (which I consider the queen of drugs).

I love smoking marijuana, especially when I just want to live in the moment and see life as a pretty comedy.

I love beer, wine with all its colors, and a little rum from time to time. A Baileys or a Grand Marnier? I say: Why not! I like vodka, but it scares me though! It comes from cold countries. I remain a Mediterranean man who is already quite warm. I am like a Spaniard, a Greek, a Turk, a Moroccan, or a southern Italian; we like the warmth of life. We like pizza and paella. We are addicted to the sun, tomatoes, olive oil, and, of course, for thousands of years, to the delicious juice of our grapes.

I like cocaine and ecstasy. I love MDMA and basically all amphetamine derivatives.

I love a nice watch, a nice luxury car, or even jets and big private boats. But I love mountains, beaches, deserts, and forests even more. I love butterflies, birds, monkeys… even mosquitoes and scorpions (they inspire me)!

I love the look of a woman, her voice, her smile, and the movement of her hesitations. I like breasts, kisses, hugs… and even orgasms.

I like ketamine, morphine, heroin, dopamine, endorphin… those things that end with “-ine”.

I love even more the sacred molecules of LSD, DMT, psilocybin found in some mushrooms, and others… I consider them the most divine and extraordinary molecules in the universe.

I love love, music, contemplation, craziness, ecstasy, joy, infinite laughter…

For thousands of years, natural substances, now pejoratively called “drugs”, have allowed the human mind to explore its own light, depths, and infinity. All drugs allow us to explore different levels of consciousness and different cosmic vibrations.

I am for the legalization and liberalization of all drugs without exception. I am for the development of “Drug Institutes” to allow people to have controlled experiences, and for others to find all the resources to heal addiction, loneliness, and sadness. Drugs do not destroy. On the contrary, they allow the mind to open up and know itself. It is loneliness and ignorance that destroy.

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