Nadim M.

Doktor K.

Democracy and human rights


Every time I hear Western governments talking about democracy and human rights, it really makes me laugh; a laugh of contempt I tell you right away.

During the last century alone, the record of these democracies in terms of human rights is truly extraordinary. Colonizations, esclavage, tortures, rapes, systemic racism, bombings, mass killings. Western democracies have been and still are the protectors of many bloody dictatorships around the world. But it depends on which dictatorship. There are dictatorships that we will condemn, point the finger at, and put behind them the media machine like rabid dogs. And then there are other dictatorships that we will protect, embellish, and with whom we will do a flourishing business.

Just remember Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He was a gentleman who was visited and sold weapons, even though he sometimes gassed Kurds here and there. And then all of a sudden he became a bad guy. In the United States, naive citizens, who didn’t even know where Iraq was on the world map, woke up one day in front of their TVs to realize that Saddam Hussein was a big bad guy who had to be put down. The United States of America went to export democracy and human rights to Iraq. Please laugh a little!

Over the last few centuries, European governments have gone to export civilization and good taste to the American, African, Asian and Oceanic continents. You probably know the story. Well, it depends; it’s not really what we’re going to dwell on for a long time in the European school curriculum. Basically, we have massacred almost everyone. And even on the European continent, very recently, Jews were being put on death trains because they were Jewish.

In the United States of America, not so long ago, black-skinned people were legitimately slaves of “civilized” people. Today, modern times have arrived and universal rights have become the norm; Negroes are being shot at close range by superior police officers. There are courts we are told. Hire a lawyer and go there. Justice is independent.

Depending on the relationship with the country, you inform public opinion as you wish. Russia, for example, is a rogue state and Vladimir Putin an enemy. Israel, on the other hand, is a state that acts legitimately and in accordance with international conventions. The story is always exactly the same. Kim Jong-un of North Korea is an evil dictator. Abdel Fattah al-Sissi of Egypt is okay; it is true that he tortures political opponents in prisons, but since he buys weapons and is good for business, we say nothing. We could go on with dozens and hundreds of examples like that.

In fact, the hypocrisy of Western governments is known and has become more and more obvious not only to Russians, Chinese, Africans, Latinos, etc., but also to many of the citizens of these Western countries themselves. Westerners are becoming increasingly disgusted with their own democracies.

When Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron, in the name of the American and French people, shake hands with the young Mohammed ben Salmane Al Saoud in front of the cameras, everyone knows that it is a little embarrassing. But it is important to know that they are doing this for the ultimate good of their citizens, and also to continue to promote democracy, human and women’s rights (especially women’s rights), as well as the fight against the climate apocalypse.

It will come as a surprise that autocratic regimes will appear here and there and will also want to become tomorrow’s imperialists in the name of their historical civilizations. As the United States exports its democracy and human rights, China will also export its democracy and human rights. In other words, China will also want to have military bases all over the globe and in space. In the eyes of their respective populations, each will describe itself as the good guy in order to designate the other as the bad guy; this is the psychological condition necessary for war. You know the rest of the story. There will always be poor and naive young soldiers, or drones and robots, who will go to export the Gospel.

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