I was standing in front of the sea, and far in front of me, I could see the Sun descending toward the horizon. I stood on my toes as if to see it from above. And then I knew that the Sun was not going down. In fact, I was standing on the Earth, and the Earth was tilting back…

I didn’t want to lose sight of the Sun. I suddenly made a small jump forward, my wings opened and I flew away. Yes, I had turned into a big bird and I flew high. I flapped my wings and flew over the ocean… I flew and flew and flew… For hours, months and years I was always facing the warmth of the eternal Sun.

There are no words to describe the happiness I felt. At the peak of this happiness, my tears were flowing; I had reached eternity.

But eternity is very long. On the highest peaks, loneliness can become heavy. Even in front of the eternal Sun, emptiness, and despair are a possibility. I had already flown for thousands of years, maybe even millions of years. After a certain time, time loses its value. There is no time in eternity. I decided that I had lived long enough. I had already seen everything. What else could I want!

I didn’t want to die drowned in the sea or crushed to the ground. I wanted to stay in the sky. I had long claws in my paws. I pointed them to the center of my belly. And then, violently, I planted them in order to spread my skin and make my entrails come out. In front of me, the Sun disappeared. But to my great surprise, inside me, with all its flames and colors, the eternal Sun appeared again.

P.S.: I would like to thank those who, during the day like during the night, kept the fire burning in “La Turbina”. And I also would like to thank them for sending me that fire with one of the most luminous couriers.