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Doktor K.


Building a strategy

For my offline services, please visit the Offline page.

Consulting for free

Throughout out my travels and experiences, I met many people with incredible skills, talents and ambitions. The youngest of them are often full of dreams and innovative ideas.

But, they are most of the time left alone. They don’t always know from where to start, or if they start to where to go. It is very hard to find professional mentoring or advice that is easily accessible.

This is why I decided to offer my strategy skills for those who would like to take them for free or for donations.

A holistic approach

I am fundamentally a curious and polyvalent person. I did many things and I engaged in many kinds of projects and companies and in different fields: commerce, hospitality, marketing, tourism, real estate, agriculture, writing, poetry, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, association, politics, technology…

I am a global nomad since 2012 and I speak more or less 6 languages. My approach is holistic as I think every aspect of our life should be related to our strategies.

Why for free?

I offer my services for free because I don’t want to loose my time making advertisement for myself and convincing some people that they need my services. I also don’t want those people to loose their time calculating if they could afford to pay money. I would rather focus on how I can be useful for you.

For whom?

You can be young or old, poor or rich, having an old project already or a new idea. What matters is that you have some ambitions, goals or dreams you would like to achieve, or difficulties you are facing. If you would like to talk with me, just write me an email and I hope I can be useful:

If you want to know more about my backround, what I studied, what I did and who I am, just click on “About me“, and you will get a lot of answers to your questions.

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